Day 2

So I’m a little behind this Nano. I let social obligations get in the way of novelling (how dare I??) and so far the word count for Day 1 and Day 2 is a combined 727.

Not so stellar.

But, I know I can catch up from experience of my speed writing ways last year! Right now I’ filling a notebook with Magical Cookie scene ideas so that I always have something to write and I know what kind of direction I’m going in. Planning forward without concrete outlining – I’m into it!


Day Ten – Twelve

I’ve definitely been writing every day although posting my word count has been eluding me! The total as of right now is 27,859 words, and technically that doesn’t include today’s writing. So this isn’t really a day 13 update, it’s a day 10-12 update.

Let me just change the title of this post…