Day Nine (and a Snippet)

Woot! Finally broke 20,000! The total word count so far is: 20,285 words. And just because I can, here’s a snippet from today (totally first drafty):

It looked like the kind of place tourists died of carbon monoxide poisoning, or coughed up a lung because of mould spores in their pillow. It looked like somewhere a serial killer would hide out for awhile.

Bright swung the steering wheel, flicked on the indicator, and sent them straight into the turn off for the Travelodge of Terror. Carrington’s lip curled and her eyebrows shot up her face. “You’re kidding me, right?”

His face was smug. “What’s wrong? Can’t rough it, Shadow Keeper?”

“Can’t and would-rather-die are totally different things,” she said.

“Feel free to take your chances in the car park. I bet you’ll make friends.”

Carrington looked out at the scenery around them. Most of it was motorway, but a little way down the road she could see lights that looked as though they might belong to an Esso station or a Little Chef. Neither inspired much hope for the type of people who would be frequenting them in the middle of the night. Anyone loitering here had to be bad news.

Bright parked the car easily, there were only two other cars in the lot, which Carrington was pretty sure belonged to staff in the… hotel. “It’s not even dark,” she said. “Why don’t we look for somewhere else?”

“Because, princess, we’re meeting someone here tonight.”

She shuddered. “Who the hell wants to meet us in Serial Killer Valley?”

Bright shrugged knowingly. His expression made it clear that Carrington’s assessment of their character wasn’t that far off.

She sighed. “I hate this job.”

He smirked at her discomfort. “Some days aren’t so bad.” Bright shut down the engine and climbed out to retrieve his bag from the back seat, leaving Carrington in the car.


Day Eight

Got some terrible news today but decided to write on. Total is 18,232 now. I’m hoping to break 20,000 tomorrow and hit 25,000 on day 10? Fingers crossed.

Day Seven

Sprints and cranking up the Taylor Swift seems to be the way to success! My word count is now at 15,685 after writing 2362 words today in an hour. I can barely even believe it.

I haven’t even written out a list of scenes that could potentially happen to help me with the sprints. Right now I’m running on pure enthusiasm and the desperate need not to be totally shamed on Twitter! Hah.

Day Six

In day 6 I have DOMINATED! I wrote 4002 words today to bring my total up to 13,323. This is definitely all because of the writing sprints Sarah J. Maas and Susan Dennard hosted on Twitter. I did three 30 minute sprints with them and didn’t clock in at under 1000 words once.

I’m so pumped from writing so much! After yesterday’s stress and not even hitting 500 words I feel so much better.

Day Five

Today was the first day I didn’t complete at least my 1667 words. My total is sitting at 9321 which is still healthy and above my overall word count goal for day 5, but not as high as I’d have liked it.

Work is still crazy so I didn’t have a chance to eat lunch, let alone write during it. Then I had class after work. I was already late. After all the stress of the day (I even forgot a pen and paper when I left work because things were going so badly and had to jump off the tube and run to a stationery store to buy some before class) I just didn’t feel like writing. I scribbled down almost 500 words on the tube but that was all.

I’m not going to beat myself up over it, obviously class is the most important, but I don’t want to let it become a habit. I like being ahead of the word count goal!

Day Four

8855 is the final tally after today’s effort. I’m still not steaming away with the crazy writing that I want but I find that the scenes I really want to write, the ones I’m really excited about, are the ones I struggle to begin at all. I’m too scared to mess them up. I don’t want them to be rushed just because I’m Nanoing.

Hopefully I have an answer to this. My idea is to handwrite the scenes that are really sticking points for me and then type them up in a separate document to paste into my Nano doc once they’re done. Just having a fresh clean screen to write them on and the added filter of typing up my initial handwritten notes should give me some reassurance.

That’s the plan anyway! As I’m mostly writing in order (after a couple of previous hellish attempts to write what I felt like when I felt like it) pasting them in should work well.

Day Three

Day 3 went better than expected, bringing the total word count up to 6769! I’m now a day ahead in my Nano word count goals and hopefully I’ll be able to pull that a little further in Day 4.

I think I need to scribble some notes down though because I’m really struggling with slow writing. Other people seem to be steaming ahead and I’m just chugging along, getting distracted, not focusing. Knowing that I’ll have days when I can’t write means I need to get a big lead on my words.

Today I think I’ll take a little time out to do some basic planning. Man, I hate outlining though.

Where do you find the time, Bub?

I’m so jealous of all the people undertaking Nano with a plethora of free time. So far I’m scraping my 1667 words a day but I know that come Monday I’ll have a challenge on my hands. I have my Script Development class on Monday, straight after work, which means my day is filled until at least 10pm. That would be fine, but I have two screenplays, a 500 page novel, and a 400 page textbook to read by the end of November, along with a full 3000 word feedback/coverage report to write on one of those screenplays. Homework has to take priority, but I don’t want to fall behind in Nanoing either.

I’m going to try and get back to my original plan this weekend. If I can push ahead and get a good buffer of extra words in place then I won’t start to fall behind when I have to devote extra time to work or homework. It’s tough though. For the rest of the month I think I need to plan out a schedule so that I don’t drop the ball on anything.

Looks like this is the month I’m learning to juggle!

Day Two

Still going strong! My graph might be all confused because I’m a terrible insomniac, but I’ve hit my words again: 3360 in total. Now it’s time to go to sleep because I’m hoping to pump that word count up now my crazy, crazy work week is over!

Day One

It’s probably bad when the very first day is a struggle, but in my defence it has been a crazy day! I didn’t have a second to eat lunch, let alone write while I was eating my lunch. Then after work there were fireworks, sparklers, and an amazing documentary on Channel 4 called The Human Mannequin. Still, I managed to write 1716 words. If I can crank out something over my 1667 words, even on the crazy days, then I’ll get there in the end.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll make a real dent in my word count.