Day Four

8855 is the final tally after today’s effort. I’m still not steaming away with the crazy writing that I want but I find that the scenes I really want to write, the ones I’m really excited about, are the ones I struggle to begin at all. I’m too scared to mess them up. I don’t want them to be rushed just because I’m Nanoing.

Hopefully I have an answer to this. My idea is to handwrite the scenes that are really sticking points for me and then type them up in a separate document to paste into my Nano doc once they’re done. Just having a fresh clean screen to write them on and the added filter of typing up my initial handwritten notes should give me some reassurance.

That’s the plan anyway! As I’m mostly writing in order (after a couple of previous hellish attempts to write what I felt like when I felt like it) pasting them in should work well.


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